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Outdoor  Rugs

Do you need an outdoor rug? No. You do not. However, once you get one, you may wonder why you settled without it. Rugs in our outdoor living space serve the identical function as rugs in our indoor spaces — they define areas, they warm up the mood, add a touch of colour, flatter your decor, protect surfaces, and flaunt your decorating skills!


How To Find The Right Rug For Your Outdoor Living Area

Pick the right material when you are shopping for an outdoor rug. Be sure to avoid natural materials like cotton or wool. These rug materials tend to soak in moisture and will mildew; even eventually rot. Jute, sisal and bamboo are appropriate for the outdoors, but they will not last so long as synthetic rugs; they are also harder to keep clean. If you like a simple look, search for a synthetic variant of this.

Outdoor Living Polypropylene Rug Material Garden Modern Decor Light Grey Neutral CZM05 Machine-made
CZM05 Light Grey – Machine Made Polypropylene Rug

Artificial, also known as, poly carpets are made to resist the elements, in addition to dripping bathing suits and wet dogs. Not only are these rugs durable, but they are also easy to wash.

Based on how much you desire to spend and the look you are hoping to achieve, outdoor rugs can come woven or hooked. Hooked rugs are usually softer than woven carpets, but they are also generally more expensive.

Something to consider; investing in an indoor-outdoor rug is cost-effective as they are sturdy and easy to wash. Then, when the summer is over, you can use them indoors.

Bonus, they are great for kitchen areas, playrooms, and dining rooms. So, bring the durability of outdoor rugs’ indoors by using them on your spaces with high foot-traffic areas that surely need a bit of help managing the grime off your flooring!

Outdoor Living Polypropylene Rug Material Garden Modern Decor Light Grey Neutral CZM02 Machine-made
CZM02 Cream – Machine Made Polypropylene Rug
Indoor Living Polypropylene Rug Modern Decor Light Grey Neutral CZM02 Machine-made
CZM02 CREAM – Machine Made Polypropylene Rug


Where to Utilise an Outdoor Rug

Where do you place carpets within your house? Similar rules apply outdoors.

  • Under a table or chaise lounge
  • In front of a couch or the workspace, you stand most of the time
  • Outside of a door
  • To protect a surface out of scraping chairs
  • Anywhere you want to pull a look together, increase the comfort level, or elevate the outdoor area of your home is the ideal place to set a rug.
Jazz JAZ06 AMBER - Indoor/Outdoor Machine Made Recycled Polypropylene Outdoor Rug
Jazz JAZ06 AMBER – Indoor/Outdoor Machine Made Recycled Polypropylene Rug

How to Choose the Right Size and Shape

There are just two rules of thumb for incorporating rugs; if you are putting one under a dining table, let for the chairs to be pulled out. Remember, you would require 24″ or so extending past all sides of the table avoiding chairs going off the rug when pushed back. Rectangular or oval tables look perfect over rectangular rugs; round or square tables tend to be better suited to round or square rugs. Though, a round rug under a square table or vice versa makes an enjoyable and intriguing mix.

The second principle applies to seat areas; ideally, your rug will be big enough to accommodate all the furniture. However, large rugs are costly and are troublesome to find. An alternative is to have all the chairs resting on the border of the carpet, or have none touching the rug. The idea is to achieve a cohesive look. Anchoring the sofa on the carpeting, excluding the chairs, creates an unbalanced look. Every time you will use this area, you will probably end up troubled and disordered! Seriously, the reality is, these are merely guidelines; do whatever makes you happy.

Here is a visual guide for your reference

Elegance Rugs Indoor Outdoor Size Guide Living Dining Bed Room Kitchen Hallway Entryway
How To Choose The Right Size Rug: Essential Standard Sizes

Natural Resistant Outdoor Rugs

The weather and climate in your area may be the most significant factor in choosing a rug for your outdoor living space. Do look for carpets that are labelled as UV resistant if you get a lot of sunshine. On the other hand, look for rugs labelled as water-resistant if you get a lot of rain or late-season snow.

Jute Rug Material Garden Modern Decor Light Grey Neutral Aloha ALH04 BLUE Power Loomed
Aloha ALH04 BLUE – Power Loomed Jute Rug


The best materials for outdoor rugs include synthetic rugs such as polypropylene and natural fibres such as sisals and seagrass. They are quite durable and handle tear and wear well. Take caution with moisture, however, as natural fibres can mould if not properly dried.


Indoor Size Rules Apply

One of the biggest design faux pas that we see is when a rug is tiny for its space. Floating carpets are never a pleasant appearance, so practice the same sizing rules as you would need to when buying rugs for indoors. Generally speaking, you want the front legs of each piece of furniture to be on the carpet. Just because your rug is away from the furniture, does not indicate it should not serve the same purpose of grounding your space.

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Outdoor Rug Material Choices

Synthetic Cases: Polypropylene or Acrylic

  • Benefits: Vibrant colours; can get wet, dry fast, lightweight, inexpensive
  • Things to consider: Synthetic rugs are not as lavish and soft as indoor area rugs

Natural Examples: Bamboo or Sisal

  • Benefits: Nice to touch; durable
  • Things to consider: Natural rugs can mildew or get damaged if exposed to a lot of moisture

Other recommendations

  • Find a flatweave carpet or one with tassels.
  • If your style is much more farmhouse; a bordered sisal rug might be your best bet.
  • Have fun with your terrace, but remember that your backyard is an expansion of your home, so make sure that your indoor and outdoor living spaces feel attached.

We wrote a full article specifically about rug materials — do check it out here!

Cleaning & Storing

Cleaning recommendations differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Commonly, it is possible to wash your outdoor rug using a hose, scrub brush, and diluted dish soap. Wash both sides and let your carpet dry in the sun.

Do clean your carpet regularly, ie at the start and end of the season. It is essential to store your carpeting during snowy, icy months. When storing your rug, roll it up — never fold. If you do not have a place to put your carpet in a dry, indoor space; roll it up, wrap with PVC vinyl sheets and put it underneath your decking or in the garage.

Keep your carpeting looking new by removing moss and algae with diluted bleach or bleach.

Did you know?

Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning services for all of our rugs (and additionally carpets) which can be arranged in situ upon request. Currently, the only areas we provide this service for are London, Greater London and South-East/South West England. Please contact us using the form on this page to request an estimate.

Repair Services

Our team of specialists are at hand to expertly repair any damage caused to your product, from the usual wear and tear to accidental rips please email us here with details and if possible images of the damaged area(s). Please quote your full name and order number so we can confirm your customer details.


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