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Grey Rugs.

Grey rugs in the home are a fabulous addition. Being neutral in the colour table, they offer a huge range of options to any room and interior design style. This colour spectrum is often a popular choice with people who don’t want to be so adventurous with the tones, but want to add a little bit of life and colour to the room.

In fact, grey rugs as well as silver, are hugely popular in the interior design community due to their versatile style and nature. They are particularly popular with people who have oak and other types of wooden flooring as they help strike a fierce contrast that centres the room.

Paring this colour rug with warm or cool colours will enable you to be more flexible with the decorative options you have in your home. Coupling this with the textures and patterns that become more visible with this colour, you are bound to bring a cultured and trendy feel to your home.

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