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Hand Knotted Rugs.

Hand knotted rugs are among the finest and most detailed style of rugs you can find. As the name would suggest, these types of rugs are style made by hand in the traditional way, using a loom and a specific knotting technique.

Hand knotted rugs typically come in four styles of knots; Turkish, Persian, Persian Jufti and Turkish Jufti. Whilst this doesn’t affect the quality or design, you would need a trained eye to spot which style you have. The density of knots is often an indicator of the rugs value, so pay attention to the knot count!

A hand knotted rug is the perfect style of rug for the lover of life’s finer things. You will never find one of these made from synthetic materials and they are typically made from bamboo silk, wool or a mixture of the two.

These rugs are expensive as they take a considerable amount of time to produce, but what you will receive is a one of a kind rug that will retain its value for years to come.

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