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Traditional Rugs.

Traditional rugs are a bit of a misnomer in their name. However, as part of British culture, the traditional style rug has become an amalgamation of the different cultures that were integrated as part of the British Empire.

You can find familiar designs from across the globe with Indian, Persian, Arabesque and Antique all having an influence in modern traditional rugs. This means the traditional rug comes in a few standardised shapes and styles, but vary enormously when it comes to their design, colours and texture. Depending on your personal preference you will be able to find a design more suited to your taste, whilst still maintaining an authentically British feel to your home.

Often traditional rugs are strong, durable and heavy, which makes them the perfect rug for places with high foot traffic, such as the living room. Being so hardy, they will withstand daily life and being made from modern man-made materials, will be easily cleaned and maintain their vibrancy for years to come.