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Green Rugs.

Green rugs are usually an intriguing item to have in the house. The colour green is a naturally calming and restorative colour, being close to nature and natural colours. A green rug anywhere in the house will surely get people talking. Great for those of you who love having guest round!

If having a jungle themed room is perhaps a bit too much, then simply adding green rugs into your living space will provide the outdoors feel that you need. In a variety of shades and tones, from emerald to olive, you can find the right shade for you.

These colours of rugs tend to live in spaces that see traffic. They tend not to go well in bathrooms as they might change the feel of the room. Often, a green rug will do best in a hallway or other high traffic as they can hide stains and dirt well.

A green rug will certainly add some colour and vibrancy to your home and they come in a wide variety of patterns, styles and designs. You;ll be delighted with what you bring home, so browse our collection now and pick your new rug.

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