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Power Loomed Rugs.

Power loomed rugs are the most modern method of rug production today. This means they are often very affordable and give the impression of a much more expensive item.

Designs are inserted into a computer which are then fed to the loom. This will create a highly decorative and intricate design in a matter of minutes. The materials used in power loomed rugs are often those of jute, wool and polypropylene.

Two types of loom are used to create these rugs and three different styles are normally created from them; Wilton, Cross-woven Wilton and Axeminster. Due to the nature of their build, they can be created in different heights and piles.

Power loomed rugs, even though they are much quicker to produce which can reduce their quality, are designed to look like their handmade counterparts. Be careful with these rugs though, once damaged there is little that you can do to repair them.

Overall, this style of rug is a great addition to any family home and will provide years of aesthetic pleasure. Browse the range now!