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Handmade Rugs.

Handmade rugs represent a mid-way point in the rug world. They tend to follow a more modern construction process, but in keeping with traditional styles and techniques. These are not to be confused with hand tufted rugs though, as they are built in an entirely different style all together.

Handmade rugs will typically be woven by hand with a flat weave style. They will be flat with little height in the rug. This can often make them hard and provide little comfort on a cold floor, so a rug pad underneath will help to keep it in place and add a little extra comfort to the touch.

These types of rugs tend to be a little more expensive than some in this category, but with good reason. They will be made with more natural fibers and, as the name suggests, are made by hand. This is time consuming and requires great skill, so naturally the price will increase.

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