Jute Rugs.

Jute rugs are made from dried plant fibres. Jute has been used in human civilisation for thousands of years, due to its incredible versatility, flexibility and durability.

Jute rugs tend to be left in their natural colour state, which is often a tan. This gives them an incredibly natural and rustic feel. This type of rug has soft fibres which makes it perfect for any home with pets and children. They are easy to clean and can usually be hovered with no problems at all.

Jute rugs tend to be a little bit thicker than other natural fibre rugs like sisal. This makes them perfect for play areas for younger children. Whilst this type of rug is durable, it may not be perfect for every area of the home. They are very absorbent meaning damp or humid areas of the home should be avoided. If exposed for long periods of time to this type of environment, they will be mouldy and being to deteriorate.

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