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Red Rugs.

Our red rugs can be a bold statement if plain, or are available in a range of patterns too if you’re looking for something subtler. Red rugs are bold and bright, which makes them perfect pieces to warm up any room. They go especially well with a room that has dark flooring, features or furniture. These colour rugs go best with cream or white flooring, due to the contrast in colour.

A red rug will always create a dramatic contrast in your home and are often used to make a statement or highlight a certain area within the house. The fact that rolling out the red carpet is a phrase used for important people tells you everything you need to know about the connotations of the colour red has.

Whatever you are looking to achieve with this bold, outstanding colour, it will make the biggest impact in the space. Browse our range of rugs now to see what shade of red will be right for you home.

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