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Flatweave Rugs.

Flatweave rugs provide a natural and rustic feel to any home. Designed to promote an outdoors feel and simulate open spaces, flatweave rugs perfectly combine traditional and more modern styles.

Often these types of rugs are created with vegetable fibres, which makes them perfect for areas that are well trodden, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Flatweave rugs come in a wide range of styles, shapes, textures and colours and will often be part of a range of designer rugs.

Not only are they stylishly created, but these rugs come in a wide range of patterns. Geometric patterns are a popular choice as they provide a different dimension to the the rug

A timeless classic, each rug is sure to provide a breathe of fresh air into your room. From pieces that accentuate to sisal styles that provide the perfect accompaniment to your home, there is sure to be a rug that is right for you. Browse our range now!