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Black Rugs.

Black rugs are often overlooked as dreary and dull colours. Either that or rugs that will take a lot of punishment and hide stains. If used correctly, they can actually add contrast to a room and highlight other areas and pieces giving a fine finish to your living space.

The size of black rugs in your home, because their colour is so dramatic, need a little more thought than some other colours or designs. Large black rugs tend to dominate a room, so if it is small it may be over-powering. However, small rugs can add punch and zest to a room that needs a little filler.

As with beige rugs, the styles and designs are varied, even the colour range is complex, ranging from monochromatic to light dusty colours. These types of rugs can be found in a variety of materials but generally tend to be made from man made materials, such as polyester and polypropylene.

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