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Pink Rugs.

Pink rugs can transform your space by bringing warmth and character to bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms alike. Pink rugs are a somewhat under appreciated style of rug. This is in part to pink being a subtle colour that brings other colours together and helps to combine the room as a whole.

A pink rug tend to be used in bright rooms. Often they can be found in children’s rooms, nurseries or conservatories. This brings a calming and peaceful effect to the room which, in turn, helps to brighten peoples moods when they enter.

Floral patterns and styles are commonly associated with these colours and for good reason. A look in nature will show you a plethora of bright pinks, fuscias and violets. All of which are commonly found combined in floral patters of this style.

Whatever your preference in pink, you will be able to find something that is perfect for you. Browse our range now to find the perfect fit for your home.