Inspirational Interior Design

A good interior designer knows that it’s not the space that’s important, it’s what you do with it that counts. 

Elegance Rugs have taken the best of our interior design knowledge and combined it with our most inspirational rug designs to provide you with 10 sure-fire styles that will brighten up any space or room.

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Great Styles & Design

We will never give you run-of-the-mill design as we believe that just because a rug is on the floor, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be noticed.

Placement Ideas

Interior design is all about placement and room decor. We give you great tips and insight about where to place each rug and how to maximise its effectiveness in the room.

A Fresh Look At Rugs

Elegance Rugs brings a fresh look at something that is usually perceived as mundane. We breathe new life into a wonderful world of tradition and skill.

Interior design testimonial

I thought I knew everything there was to know about floor pieces, styles, rugs and designs, but the guys at Elegance Rugs really opened my eyes to new designs and shined a light on modern rug designs and patterns.

Monica Safeera
Interior design testiomonial

The Elegance Rugs team were super helpful with me and helped me to make the right decision for my clients. This guide was my starting point and showed me a new way of getting creative with a limited budget.

Stephanie Fincher