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Tribal Rugs.

Tribal rugs are a generic term for rugs that were handmade by nomadic tribes people from around the globe. Whilst we can’t claim that these rugs are direct descendants from those skilled rug-weavers of bygone era’s, we can say that we have stayed true to the style and design created by them.

Ranging from simple patterns to complex and intricate designs, the tribal rug is as beautiful as it is detailed. In years gone by tribal rugs would have been made from natural fibers such as wool, sisal or jute. Today, they are mostly mad made materials, but a number of our selection are made from natural materials.

These rugs are sure to liven up any living space and are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. They are tough, strong and durable. Most of the time you can machine wash them if necessary meaning they can handle anything life throws at them.

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