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Bamboo Silk Rugs.

Bamboo silk rugs are regarded as a more easily renewable resource than traditional silk which is harder to cultivate. The process of extracting both types of silk are comparable, as well as their characteristics such as comfort and durability.

Bamboo silk rugs have become a popular choice as it is less expensive than traditional alternatives and contains antibacterial properties. Great for those suffering from sensitive skin allergies or respiratory problems. It contains many of the same properties that traditional silk has. It is soft to the touch, has a shimmering appearance and breathes naturally. A great way to be able to tell them apart is that bamboo silk has a more texture look to it.

If you require low-cost-lavishness, possibly have health concerns and or are an eco-conscious shopper, then bamboo silk range are the choice for you. You can discover our more about our materials. by following this link.