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Cowhide Rugs.

Cowhide rugs can offer a unique floor covering to any room in the house. They bring a rustic, authentic feel to your home that you may not be able to get from other rug types.

Not all cowhide rugs are actually made from cowhide, which is an important factor for those that live vegan, vegetarian and animal cruelty-free lifestyles. Often when buying originals, you will need to make sure you speak directly with the supplier as images will sometimes vary from original products. The quality of natural rugs will also vary depending on where their country of origin. As with all animal products, you need to ensure that they are coming from a reputable dealer and not from unethical sources.

Synthetic cowhide rugs are incredibly lifelike and still have the same natural textures, feel and anti-allergen properties that natural rugs do. In purchasing a synthetic rug, you can guarantee the style, size and even see more designs that natural varieties will not afford you.