From: £699.00

This contemporary floral rug design from the Nourison Prismatic Collection features abstract flower patterns in delicately ombred shades of beige, green, brown, and pink. The thick wool pile features sleek Luxcelle highlights, hand carved for exceptional depth, sheen, and texture, bringing stylish chic to any room in the home.

  • 114cm x 175cm (3'9" x 5'9")
  • 168cm x 226cm (5'6" x 7'5")
  • 236cm x 297cm (7'9" x 9'9")
  • 259cm x 351cm (8'6" x 11'6")
  • 297cm x 419cm (9'9" x 13'9")

Prevents movement or walking of rug and provides increased stepping comfort