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Polyester Rugs.

Polyester rugs are one of the most widely bought and sold rugs on the planet. Many years ago, they were not very high quality, but today, they are quite indistinguishable from more natural fibres, such as wool.

Polyester rugs, whilst incredibly durable, fare slightly less well against in synthetic counterpart, nylon. It does, however, fare much better against dirt, stains and water damage. Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning that water doesn’t penetrate the material which makes them great for use in damp and humid areas of the house.

A modern day trend for polyester rugs are for them to be made from recycled materials. This makes them both eco-friendly as well as kind to the pocket. They make perfect rugs for areas of high traffic and potential spillage. A word of warning though, not all rugs are made from recyclable materials, so make sure you check with your vendor first, if this is a concern for you.

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