What are the benefits of handmade wool rugs?

Handmade wool rugs

What Are The Benefits Of Handmade Wool Rugs?

Handmade wool rugs are popular in houses up and down the country for a number of reasons. They add a warm touch in any room and come in a variety of colours adding vibrancy to a room that you may not get with a more traditional style of rug.

100% hand knotted wool rugs are highly sought after for their durability and soft touch. They typically tend to be much less expensive than their silk counterparts.

Handmade wool rugs come in a range of sizes, shapes and pile depths. A lot of the time they are used in places that a door can easily go over the top of it without causing any damage or moving the rug. This makes them ideal partners for the bathroom and bedroom.

They make reliable investments for a number of reasons, one of which is that if kept in good condition, you will be able to use them for years to come. At some point they may even become antiques! Below are several great reasons to buy a handmade wool rug, courtesy of Elegance Rugs.

Easy To Clean

How to clean rugsWhile wool carpets are popular for many different reasons, one of the most popular reasons is the resistant nature of wool rugs. The wool material does not absorb soil very well. This makes carpets easy to keep clean. You can easily clean it with detergent and water. You can also use long hair brush for scrubbing if it contains any type of spots. Wool, being a completely natural fibre, has had to withstand thousands of years of punishment from the weather and other natural forces.

One of these amazing attributes is its high-resistance to damp and moisture. Wool does not absorb moisture all that well and can actually retain up to 30% of moisture before it even starts to feel wet. Yet another great reason these types of rug are great for the bathroom.

They have a natural resistance to dirt and grime which also acts as an antibacterial barrier, meaning that germs won’t be able to breed and foul smelling odours won’t emanate from the rug.

A secondary element to the natural repellent features of handmade wool rugs are that they way the fibres are positioned, they don’t allow dirt and grime to penetrate past the top layer of the rug. This in turn makes them super easy to clean.

Naturally Fire-resistant

Handmade wool rugs are great for those of you who have open fires. The natural wool fibres are fire-resistant, which makes them the perfect fireplace companion. We have all seen the lively nature of a fire and sometimes sparks make their way out of the fir and onto the rug. Synthetic rugs may be a potential fire hazard here if they are not treated with fire resistant materials.

These type of rugs are perfect for children’s rooms too and anywhere else the little ones may be running around. They can take all the punishment that playtime comes with and represent no fire hazard in their room should any accidents happen.

Natural Dehumidifier

Natural dehumidifiers - handmade wool rugs

Another wonderful benefit of having a handmade wool rug in hour house is they act as mini dehumidifiers. Remember how we said they can absorb loads of water? Well they can even take water vapour out of the air, reducing the humidity of the room. We already know they are great for the bathroom, but this makes them excellent companions for elsewhere in the home, say in the laundry room.


Tough And Durable

Wool is a hardy material and that make handmade wool rugs are sturdy floor piece to have around the home. Wool has been designed to protect its wearer and that protection is translated for you, the rug owner.

If you have hardwood or floors that are easily scratched, a woolen rug in high traffic areas will help to protect against the general wear and tear of daily life. Unlike synthetic fibres that can break easily and wear down the rug. Handmade wool rugs have a natural toughness that helps them to bounce back into place after being stepped on which makes them great for all areas of the house. Homes with small children and pets will benefit from having wool rugs across the home.

Being made from completely natural fibres handmade wool rugs do not generate or store any static electricity that you can sometimes get from other types of rugs. Whilst this is not a regular occurance from other rugs, it can be an unpleasant shock when it happens!


Add Texture To Your Home

Due to the wide ranging benefits of handmade wool rugs, they have been made into a large variety of styles. You are quite easily able to find wool rugs that come in geometric patterns, bright colours, deep piles and constructions. Very rarely will you find any other type of natural rug that will come in as many different forms and offer the same level durability and comfort that wool rugs do.

Eco-friendly And Sustainable

Eco-friendly handmade wool rugsWool, coming from sheep, is by definition renewable and eco-friendly. It literally grows on sheep and in order to keep them from overheating in summer, need to have it sheared off. It’s completely harmless and means that we are able to continually use this wonderful material.

The look, feel and texture can be created through man made materials, it simply doesn’t stand up to the real thing. Even though synthetics may be slightly cheaper, the cost versus use is vastly outweighed with natural wool.

The weaves in handmade wool rugs are well constructed giving strength and durability not found in other types of weaves. They don’t wear out easily and if looked after will be part of the household for years. It won’t lose it shape even after years of abuse and will continue to retain its texture.

It’ll help to insulate as well as keep you cool. Being a natural fibre it has the ability to adapt to the climate. Sheep have been successfully using this for years in the harsh terrain they often find themselves and man has transitioned the use of this into a household commodity.


Natural Elasticity

We’ve already said that wool is very durable and now here comes the science part. Handmade wool rugs that come from natural wool sources contain two types of cells; orthcortex and paracortex. These cells lie at different ends of the fibre and grow at different rates. This causes a the fibres to form a coil spring, making the wool elastic. As a result, wool fibres are able to stretch over 30% and still retain their shape. This shock absorber effect allows the fibres to return to their natural form.

Handmade wool rugs offer a wealth of benefits for your home. These benefits range from durability to style and environment impact to expenditure. These truly are one of the best investments you will make at home.

Luckily for you, we have a wide range of wool rugs for you to choose from so you can take your pick of the best we have to offer.

Failing that and you need some inspiration, you can simply download our guide to interior design with rugs by clicking the button below.


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