Understanding Rug Construction

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An important factor when defining a rugs value, durability and care is understanding the ranging methods of artistry that go into it’s construction.

Artistry by Human

Hand Loomed

Value: ££ – ££££

Hand loomed rugs are becoming quite the popular rug style for those on a budget. These types of rugs are a more modern introduction to the market and are made on looms similar to fabric looms.

Hand loomed rugs take a considerably shorter amount of time to create than their more sophisticated counterparts, hand knotted rugs. The short construction time requires them to be made of hardier materials, so are often made from polyester, rayon or a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

Be careful with these types of rugs, as despite their construction are quite delicate and if placed in high traffic areas may begin to exhibit signs of wear and damage quite quickly. These rugs would be more suited to an area in the house with low traffic and are unlikely to be exposed to the daily life of the household.

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Hand Knotted

Value: £££ – ££££

Hand knotted rugs are among the finest and most detailed style of rugs you can find. As the name would suggest, these types of rugs are style made by hand in the traditional way, using a loom and a specific knotting technique.

Hand knotted rugs typically come in four styles of knots; Turkish, Persian, Persian Jufti and Turkish Jufti. Whilst this doesn’t affect the quality or design, you would need a trained eye to spot which style you have. The density of knots is often an indicator of the rugs value, so pay attention to the knot count!

A hand knotted rug is the perfect style of rug for the lover of life’s finer things. You will never find one of these made from synthetic materials and they are typically made from bamboo silk, wool or a mixture of the two.

These rugs are expensive as they take a considerable amount of time to produce, but what you will receive is a one of a kind rug that will retain its value for years to come.

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Hand Tufted

Value: £££ – ££££

Hand tufted rugs are another great option for the detailed and delicate carpet lover. Similar to hand knotted rugs in design only, these types of rugs are made in a completely different fashion, despite having ‘hand’ in the name.

Hand tufted rugs are actually made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched over a frame. This process is quick, which means that the difference in price is considerable in comparison. The rug will usually be finished by adding a scrim fabric to the back and have tassels and knots glued on to the edge to create the hand knotted effect.

Hand tufted rugs are relatively hardy which means they can be used in high traffic areas of the home, Being made mostly from wool, they will be naturally stain and damage resistant, but only to a point. They will still require cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best.

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Hand Made

Value: £££ – ££££

Handmade rugs represent a mid-way point in the rug world. They tend to follow a more modern construction process, but in keeping with traditional styles and techniques. These are not to be confused with hand tufted rugs though, as they are built in an entirely different style all together.

Handmade rugs will typically be woven by hand with a flat weave style. They will be flat with little height in the rug. This can often make them hard and provide little comfort on a cold floor, so a rug pad underneath will help to keep it in place and add a little extra comfort to the touch.

These types of rugs tend to be a little more expensive than some in this category, but with good reason. They will be made with more natural fibers and, as the name suggests, are made by hand. This is time consuming and requires great skill, so naturally the price will increase.

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Hand Woven

Value: £££ – ££££

Handwoven rugs, as the name would suggest are hand woven. Unlike some of their more detailed and intricate partners in hand knotted rugs, these are created quite quickly using more modern weaving styles.

This means that handwoven rugs have a wide variety of colours, textures, styles and designs. From geometric to more plain styles, the beauty of buying one of these rugs is that you will be sure to find one that is perfect for your living space.

These rugs are usually made from natural materials, such as wool. This gives them a hardy appearance and structure, but also means that they have a natural resistance to stains and damage.

Due to the way these rugs are made, they can shed material at times, so be careful to maintain your rug properly to continue to get the best from it.

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Construction by Machine

Machine Made

Value: ££ – ££££

Machine made rugs are rugs that are made by machines. Typically these are made in large factories with computer programmed rug patterns. They will often be made from man-made fibers such as polypropylene and polyester.This makes them extremely quick to produce as the fibers are stronger and more malleable than more natural ones.

Machine made rugs are often considerably cheaper than other options of rugs, but most notably from hand knotted rugs. The process and material are the polar opposite of these. The lifespan of a machine made rug will average around 20 years, but this can vary depending on the type of fiber used in the construction process. If well looked after, machine made rugs will last much longer than that.

Despite their hardiness, detail and intricate design, these types of rugs are not collectors items. Some brands do have a loyal following but other than that, are simply deemed as decorative rugs for your home.

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Power Loomed

Value: ££ – ££££

Power loomed rugs are the most modern method of rug production today. This means they are often very affordable and give the impression of a much more expensive item.

Designs are inserted into a computer which are then fed to the loom. This will create a highly decorative and intricate design in a matter of minutes. The materials used in power loomed rugs are often those of jute, wool and polypropylene.

Two types of loom are used to create these rugs and three different styles are normally created from them; Wilton, Cross-woven Wilton and Axeminster. Due to the nature of their build, they can be created in different heights and piles.

Power loomed rugs, even though they are much quicker to produce which can reduce their quality, are designed to look like their handmade counterparts. Be careful with these rugs though, once damaged there is little that you can do to repair them.

Overall, this style of rug is a great addition to any family home and will provide years of aesthetic pleasure.

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