From: £899.00

Go for the unexpected, in a modernist rug with subtle yet undeniable impact. Golden ivory, gently shimmering with a network of luminous pearl highlights, is designed to flatter a range of decors. Enjoy elegant minimalism at its best, with a soft, sensual touch.

  • 168cm x 244cm (5'6" x 8')
  • 236cm x 297cm (7'9" x 9'9")
  • 244cm x 244cm (8' x 8') ROUND
  • 259cm x 351cm (8'6" x 11'6")
  • 297cm x 419cm (9'9" x 13'9")
  • 366cm x 457cm (12' x 15')

Prevents movement or walking of rug and provides increased stepping comfort