The Difference Between Wool And Silk Rugs

The difference between wool and silk rugs

Are you attempting to decide between wool and silk rugs?

While the two types can create superbly crafted rugs, the gaps are rather profound. It is important to understand these many differences so that you know which rug kind is ideal for you.

There’s lots of info out there on wool carpets vs silk rugs, therefore allow Elegance Rugs condense it into one article which can allow you to discover which kind of rug to purchase. Here are the things we are going to cover:

  • Price

  • Substance

  • Durability

  • Care

Select the Rug That’s Ideal For You

For many years, Elegance Rugs has imported and delivered the highest quality rugs from all over the world, in which skilled artisans have handed ancient oriental rug hand knotting secrets for generations.

Wool vs Silk Rugs: Price

The primary difference most men and women notice between silk and wool rugs are their prices. This Is the Way every Kind of carpet is priced:

Wool rugs are a few of the most frequent accessible, so their costs vary radically.

Be sceptical of any wool carpet price that appears too good to be true. From the carpet world, you get exactly what you pay for. But, you might even wind up searching for a carpet. Many carpet retailers are just re-sellers — they purchase from producers and mark their prices up, which means that you may expect to pay double or triple rugs such as those above.

They are excellent options for virtually every carpet buyer. And you should certainly invest in a couple.

Silk rugs come in 2 kinds: 100% silk rugs plus a wool/silk mix.

We are going to break down the substance more in another section, but both types are much more costly (generally) than wool rugs. Rugs comprising silk generally include greater knots per square inch, which can be among the significant indicators of quality and craftsmanship. Historically, they also have been tremendously desired by people of royalty.

Here are some example prices and products to quality hand-woven silk and wool rugs:

You may typically pay more a foot to get a silk rug than the wool. But let’s break down exactly what you are paying for, especially…

The rug’s substance is its foundation. This is the point where all other carpet features derive from.

It’s readily accessible, generally sourced from sheep. The age, strain, local climate and diet all influence the wool’s quality.

Elegance Rugs generally uses only New Zealand Wool for our rugs.

Since wool is broadly accessible and a renewable source (no sheep have to be killed to harvest their wool and it regrows each season ), it is among the least expensive rug materials. This is only one reason wool carpets are costly for the typical carpet buyer.

Wool is also simple to take care of from the carpet making process — understand just the way an oriental carpet is created — and it comes out soft to the touch so buyers may sense its quality.

The silk fibre is taken out of the larva’s cocoon — it requires a great many silk worms to generate a vast amount silk, and it requires a very long time for this silk to make and be made to a viable material. This is only one reason why silk (and so ( silk carpets ) is indeed pricey.

Since silk is so pricey, silk rugs are generally stitched with wool too. Hence, they may feel like 100% wool rugs (although maybe not really the same).

The attractiveness of a silk carpet is unmatched. Silk rugs have a nice, glistening finish to them and their extra knot count also increases the time/effort put in their creation and the way they feel to the touch.

NB: Make sure you are not allergic to wool if buying either wool or silk rugs.

What’s Bamboo Silk?

The base substance is treated so that it turns into a paste. It is then combined with different components, expelled, then dried to create the delicate, silk .

The sole difference between bamboo silk and conventional silk is the way it’s made.

Bamboo silk rugs

Wool vs Silk: Durability

It lets you know exactly where you’re able to put a rug to make the most of its lifespan and also your pleasure from it.

Wool rugs are very durable — their heap comes out strong and thick. They also offer you a pure immunity to stains, and foot traffic. These carpets may last 50 or even years using routine usage (and upkeep, naturally ). Wool rugs can also be flame resistant and less vulnerable to dust mites.

It is often advised that lace rugs likewise be hung on walls to keep them as long as you can.

Silk vs wool

They get dirty faster and are not very functional rugs for your house, but if it is possible to keep them tidy, the aesthetic allure of a silk carpet is immense.

But, a bamboo silk carpet that is combined with wool is generally stronger than a conventional silk carpet. These carpets are more practical flooring rugs to manage foot traffic or heavy furniture.

Wool vs Silk Rugs: Care

Due to the materials used, the best way to look after a wool rug versus silk rug differs slightly. Check out how every rug kind ought to be looked after:

The Way to Care for a Wool Rug

To begin with, a wool rug ought to be vacuumed two times a month. Wool rugs contain little air pockets in which dirt may conceal. Not only does the excess dirt become observable and reduce the rugs’s aesthetic appeal, it may also irritate people with allergies. Vacuuming helps to eliminate this dust and dirt.

How to clean a wool rug
Just be sure not to vacuum your carpets too much. Over-vacuuming can actually pull off the wool fibres apart and from this carpet.

If vacuuming is not your style or you are concerned about destroying the carpet, you might also take it out every once in a while and give it a really fantastic shake, or hang it on a clothesline and slap it with a traditional carpet beater. As it is wool, it may take care of a beating in this way.

You’ll also wish to rotate your carpets every once in a while. Odds are, regions of the carpet are becoming more foot traffic than many others. Rotating it’ll also out your foot traffic and protect against discolouration.

Should you blot your wool carpet, you must spot clean it instantly. Try to consume the material fast and take action. If everything else fails, take it into some professional carpet cleaning agency.

The Way to Look after a Silk Rug

Silk can lose around 20% of its durability once it becomes wet, and abrasive cleaning agents, warm water and steam cleaning may harm its fibres. Like wool rugs, you need to vacuum silk carpets a few times a month, but since they are more fragile, just use a vacuum with a brushless head. Other types can pull out or harm the fibres.How to clean silk rugs

You could also sweep the carpet softly with a broom, or simply take it out and give it a shake. Beating silk rugs is not advised, as you would like to be as gentle as you can.

If you are not familiar with the detergent you’ve got, silk rugs must be obtained to some specialist cleaner when possible. To lessen the total amount of cleaning needed, hang your lace carpet onto the wall or put it at a low traffic area.

If you are on a budget, then you should look at wool rugs. They’re the most inexpensive since they cost less than silk rugs do. They also tend to survive longer, and that means you will be able to enjoy your investment for a protracted period.

Silk Carpets are More Beautiful than Allergic

If your primary priority is aesthetic attractiveness, you can not beat the glow and nice end of a silk carpet. (There is a reason they had been highly desired by infantry.)

Wool Rugs are Stronger than Silk

In the end, if you are new to rug purchasing, begin with a wool carpet.

In Summary

Silk and silk rugs vary tremendously. It is those differences that have thrilled carpet buyers for generations.

In case you have questions regarding any of our carpets or rug purchasing in general, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. We’re always pleased to assist. Why not take a look at our stunning range of silk rugs now by clicking the link below!

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