From: £75.00

Create a sense of harmony and splendour in any room with the addition of this magnificently detailed yet subtle Persian style rug. Beautifully ornate medallions dance playfully with a delicate floral scrawl pattern creating a sense of mystical beauty and natural equilibrium. The tasteful tones of faded sage and dusty peach create a piece that will exude a sense of balance and accord to any space.

  • 61cm x 84cm (2' x 2'9")
  • 69cm x 244cm (2'3" x 8') RUNNER
  • 107cm x 168cm (3'6" x 5'6")
  • 160cm x 226cm (5'3" x 7'5")
  • 236cm x 330cm (7'9" x 10'10")
  • 290cm x 396cm (9'6" x 13')
  • 366cm x 457cm (12' x 15')

Prevents movement or walking of rug and provides increased stepping comfort