How To Use Flatweave Rugs At Home

Flatweave rugs for decoration

Using Flatweave Rugs At Home

Though always underfoot and only occasionally out of mind, rugs are one of the most crucial elements of home decor. Far from being a recent trend, rugs are a very important part of decorating the home for over a few centuries. Decorative as well as functional, rugs have been the crowning accomplishment of rooms of all shapes and types for cultures from all around the world.

A flatweave rug is any carpet that’s constructed without including any knots at all. Instead, the parallel running fibres that comprise the length of the rug (warp) and the ones that run along the width (weft) compose the entire surface of the rug. Flat weaving is a popular technique that has been utilised to make a number of carpet types including some of the most popular and trendy rug designs in modern design.

In addition to their obvious beauty, flatweave rugs offer a number of great benefits, both visually and functionally, which make them a favourite for decorating.

Flatweave Rugs Are Great Transitional Pieces

Now do not get us wrong. We adore giant, floor-sized antique Persian rugs with all of their gorgeous design, their layers of meaning and background and the unmistakably global feeling they deliver to a space. Honestly, who would not? However, not only are antique rugs a major financial investment, but they’re also a fairly sizable commitment in terms of space and fashion too. If your present room plan comprises a large rug with a distinctive colour palette, then smaller decoration adjustments, like seasonal changes or quick updates to the colour scheme can become more complex as making the adjustments you want might mean having to switch out the carpet as well.

Now if you’ve ever wrapped up a good-sized rug and attempted to move it, you are aware they get heavy quickly. It gets to be even more of a job if your rug has furniture sitting on it also. By comparison, flatweave rugs have a mild construction which makes them easy to move, which by extension makes them easy to change out or replace. So in the event that you’ve got a room where you think that’ll be changing up the appearance on an intermittent to regular basis, you might choose to forego the oversized Persian rug and opt for a lightweight Dhurrie instead.

Flatweave Rugs Are Great All Year Round

Flatweave rugFlatweave rugs aren’t just great seasonable pieces because they may be readily removed and replaced. They may also have a beneficial influence on the temperature inside your space that may continue throughout the year. People have been using rugs for insulation for centuries. And like all rugs, flat woven rugs can help insulate a space, keeping warmth in and utility prices down throughout the colder months of this year. But unlike thicker rugs, which may continue to trap heat in the summer in addition to in the winter, many flatweave rugs are made of a light and breathable cotton which traps less heat in the warmer months, which may keep your favourite room from getting too hot to spend some time in.

Flatweave Rugs Come In A Wide Range Of Colours And Patterns

Like most carpets, flatweave rugs come in a wonderful variety of colours and patterns which make them a delight to check at and a joy to decorate with. But it does not require long perusing through a collection of authentic Kilims or even dhurries to fall completely in love with all the amazing colour palettes and pattern options which flatweave rugs provide. From simple yet classic stripe patterns to complex geometrics made from interwoven shapes, whatever the various pattern motifs in your room may be, you’re almost sure to discover a float woven rug which will complement all of them while providing a layered sense of coherence to the full space. And in terms of colour, dhurries, Kilims, and Soumak rugs readily fit Moroccan boucherouites or Persians for the amount of colours that they can pack into each individual carpet. So whether you are looking to ground an area that is at risk of getting too colourful or seeking to liven up a space that may be going a bit too heavy on the neutrals, with the ideal flatweave rug, balancing out your colour story will be no problem in any way.

Flatweave Rugs Are Very Budget Friendly

As much most of us love carpets, it is a well-known actuality they are easily able to place a strain on a decorating budget. Whether you’re in the market for something well-aged and historical or something more contemporary but of top quality, either option can send you digging deep to fund your house makeover. Typically, the threat of deal shopping with carpeting is the same as doing it with whatever else: occasionally you get what you pay for. But, on the whole, a high-quality flatweave carpet will normally cost under a well-made Persian or an authentic boucherouite. Along with the possibility of coming in under budget on your most recent face-lift project could be sufficient to make flatweave your new favourite rug kind all by itself.

A Flatweave Rug Is Really Family Friendly

Despite all the fantastically sophisticated weaving technique and time-defying quality that goes into creating a truly fantastic rug, the final pieces are in reality kind of delicate in some ways. There are any number of common household realities that can spell disaster for your rugs as time passes. Pets, moisture, insects, even too much sun can damage your rugs, occasionally even irreparably. Obviously, with the ideal know-how along with a healthy sense of vigilance, many of these common threats can be diminished if not completely removed.

Family friendly flatweave rugs

Still, it’s no surprise that high traffic living areas, especially those frequented by small ones, may not be the best place for putting a classic, investment piece on the floor. This is another way that flatweave rugs can offer a perfect option in places where other rugs may not work also. They’re also far less difficult to clean so that when accidents do happen, the outcomes are less likely to become permanent. In places where the patter of small feet can easily become a stampede, a flat woven rug will have you spending less time fretting over the condition of your rugs and more time enjoying a day with the kids.

Flatweaves Don’t Shed

Shedding rugHere’s a bit of rug-making science for you: many rugs are heap woven, also known as knotted-weave carpeting. These rugs are created when warp threads (the ones who run north-to-south and make the distance of the rug) are woven with weft threads (those that run east-to-west and make up the width of the rug). The surface of the rug is created by knotting silk or wool around pairs of warp threads. This procedure can be performed with machines or by hand and using synthetic or natural fibres. The highest quality rugs are hand-knotted using natural fibres. The cheapest are machine-made from synthetic substances. And one of the major strategies to inform the quality of the rug you’re living with is by how far it sheds.

Shedding comes in the wool surface of the rug and can be a significant source of dust at an area along with trapping additional pollutants. A flatweave carpet is included only of warp and weft threads, so with no wool surface to contend with, flat woven rugs trap much lower amounts of allergens, produce much less dust and do not shed in any way. In addition to their normal durability and ease of cleaning, that makes a flat woven rug one of the cheapest maintenance rug choices that you may make.

Some Truly Amazing Designers Make Them

And finally, the last reason to appreciate flatweave rugs is: there are some truly amazing designers working hard to ensure these terrific rugs just keep getting better. One of them is Miles Redd, a world-class designer, famous for his modern take on classic, high-concept design. Redd has just released his first collection of carpets, including a number of beautiful flat-woven offerings. And now you know why, too.

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