How To Pick A Bedroom Rug

How to pick a bedroom rug

Picking A Bedroom Rug

The essential job of a bedroom rug would be to give you a wonderfully soft platform when you wake up in the morning. A chilly wood or tile flooring is the very last thing that you want to step on first thing in the morning or the middle of the night. Instead of this, a silk and wool rug is something that fits in super cool!

An area rug instantly makes an area cosier — and that is precisely the sense you need in a bedroom. Area rugs absorb sound — no one needs an echoey’ bedroom; and include a warm, inviting texture. Area rugs also prevent slips and fall if you need to escape bed in the middle of the night.

Select The Rug That’s Best For You

Before you select a bedroom area rug, take a step back and think about a couple of things. Think of what you like, what you need, and what’s potential in the space you’ve got. Which rug do you want to see first thing each morning?

What Size Bedroom Rug Do I Need?

Any other style choice you make, including what type of area rug to purchase, is dependent on what type of bed size you have and where in the room it’s located. By way of example, a bedroom with a central, king size mattress requires a very different approach compared to a child’s room with two double beds.

To be sure that you have happy feet, the carpet should stretch about 24″ from your bed. Take this dimension into consideration when you are picking your bedroom rug — and we’ll provide you a few size ideas!

Do not feel limited if you are purchasing an area rug for a little bedroom. Don’t hold back with layout ideas simply because your room is smaller!

Something else to consider is whether you want to rug to go under your nightstands – this is merely an issue of personal taste. Again, we’ll give you a few suggestions for both options.

What size bedroom rug to you need?

How large Is My Mattress?

One of the issues you need to bear in mind while choosing a bedroom rug would be the dimensions of your mattress.

The standard mattress sizes are as follows:

  • King size, 76″ x 80.”
  • Queen size, 60″ x 80″
  • Double mattress 54″ x 75″

This will save you some time measuring your bed but take into consideration that large-framed beds are going to be somewhat larger than the mattress dimensions.

After you understand the size of your mattress, you need to add an extra 24″ to either size which suggests you might need to draw a plan of your bedroom along with its furnishings to make sure that you can accommodate your chosen rug.

Seeking one bed at one time, here are our recommendations on bedroom carpet layouts and dimensions!

The smallest carpet indicated for a king size mattress is a 7′ x 10′ design, which gives you a great warm edge to measure onto and goes up to (although not beneath ) the nightstands. If you’ve got a California King, you are likely to want a bigger rug!

Decide on a rug with a stand-out edge, since this will be the first thing you see when you enter the room if you would rather not have a boundary across your mattress’s footprint, which you may if the rug does not go underneath the nightstands, attempt something like that luxurious wool and silk carpet.

In case you decide to take the rug beneath the nightstands, your carpet should rise by another few feet. For a Cal King, you probably need to aim for 12 x 15 rug to keep it appearing proportionate and magnificent, or you may opt to lose some of the additional footage in the bottom.

This look is particularly effective if you have a blanket chest or sofa at the bottom of your mattress. An entirely different approach is to decide on a pair of rugs and put one at either side of the mattress.

Queen Size Bed

If your area is big enough, and you want to have that extra bit of extravagance, you can keep in mind the same sizes that we have suggested to your king size mattress. In the end, if it is good for the king, then it is good for the queen.

Besides all this, It will add flair and style to an interior layout also!

If need to have a slightly smaller rug, then the perfect size for a bedroom with a queen bed is 6′ x 9′. This size will take the rug up into the nightstands and provide you an essential, comfortable border for your toes. A patchwork rug would look fantastic in a contemporary room, especially against pale-coloured baseboards!

To select the rug under nightstands, go bigger! Again, a pair of carpets is a choice, possibly 4′ x 6′ or 3′ x 5′.

Double Bed

With this style bed, the rug you will need depends on how the mattress is placed within the space. If it’s placed against a wall, you might choose to get a smaller rug close to it.

If you want to place the rug under the mattress, select the same size you would for a queen bed, 6′ x 9′. This may occupy a lot of the floor space of a smaller bedroom, so think about your room edge and the positioning of your other furniture as well.

1. Making Sure Your Place Rug is Just Right for You

It always helps to try placing mock ups until you commit to purchasing a single, even after you have worked out the proportions and size. This can help you decide whether you would like a more generous border for instance, or help resolve the age-old problem of on or off the nightstands. It can be that you would like to relocate some furniture until you include a rug.

As we’ve suggested previously, laying out a bed sheet around the ground can provide you a fantastic idea of the region of your prospective new rug. This is not so simple in a bedroom, as a mattress is a significant piece of furniture to move and you also don’t wish to shift it until the right rug arrives! Instead, indicate areas with tape to give you an idea of where the rug will sit. Practice getting out of bed to be sure your feet mechanically land in the cosy location! If they don’t, it is time to rethink the carpet size.

2. What style do you like?

One important choice you will make is whether to go for a traditional or modern style rug. Look around your bedroom. Is it a clean, contemporary style space, or much more charmingly cosy? For modern rooms, bold colours and geometric patterns are excellent options!

Shade is often the biggest influencer when it comes to choosing the design of an area rug. The majority of us select our carpet’s colour according to our existing decor. You can select a rug by matching the base colour or its accent colours. If you’re striving for a cosmetic Oriental rug, then you’ll have a great deal of beautiful, vibrant colours to perform with.You can also use colour to add drama. If you want the carpet to be centre stage, a gorgeous piece similar to this over-dyed rug is ideal.

You might be in the position of styling the entire bedroom from scratch. If that is true, go with the carpet you fall in love with, and then let the remainder of the plan fall right into place!

Durability And Maintenance

The area rug in your bedroom doesn’t get walked on as much as its counterpart in the living area. A bedroom doesn’t get as much footfall as a living room or hallway. However, the rug still needs to be durable for a several important reasons.

The very first one is walking routes. Our passage around our bedrooms is predictable. As you can imagine, it would be simple to put on a track in your carpet. Your bedroom area rug will have to be good quality to take care of your everyday walking patterns.

Secondly, and especially in a bedroom, you need your area rug to be comfy. A strong rug won’t go bald on you.

Realistically, you want your rug to last. It’s always a false economy to buy a cheap product which wears out fast and will also be a real hassle to frequently replace. As we demonstrated earlier, a large bed is an unwieldy piece of furniture to move. After the carpet’s down, it’s staying down!

Pick A Hand-Knotted Rug

If you want a top notch area rug that will last, go for a hand-knotted one. These are created by highly-skilled craftsmen, who often come from families of expert rug makers. These rugs are hand-crafted on custom looms, and every knot is tied by hand. This painstaking process generates tough, durable rugs that last for years. Much as rug-making abilities are passed down throughout the generations, so will your carpets!

Some people today feel that because it’s”a bedroom” with limited footfall a machine-made rug will do. To some extent, it’ll. On the other hand, the very first time you walk across a machine-made rug in bare feet and understand that the springiness has all been squashed away, you’ll begin to appreciate that you get exactly what you pay for…

Caring For Your Bedroom Area Rug

How to care for your bedroom rugA bedroom rug is not as likely to suffer in the hands of children as well as the paws of pets, and spillages are infrequent in an area that does not see much in the way of food and drink. However, you’ll still need to take some precautions to look after it.

The principal enemy of the bedroom area rug is UV light which can fade its own colours as time passes. You might have windows that have low-e glass or happen to be coated in UV protection, which actually help preserve your rug’s vivid colours. In case you haven’t, think about shutting the blinds when strong sunlight is flooding in. Rotating the rug is another option, We appreciate that this won’t be an easy job if your furniture is standing on the rug, but it’ll be well worth the attempt to avoid rough fading!

When there’s a quality area rug at the kids’ bedrooms, then it will no doubt require a little additional cleaning to deal with spillages and overall mess. Obviously, it’s not just the children that may sometimes spill things on the rug, accidents can happen even as adults! See our Rug Care articles for information on dealing with stains and spills.

It’s up to you to make sure you are happy to frequently replace your carpet as general wear and tear begin to show, or if you’d prefer to cover a top-quality item that will last for years.

Long term, a quality hand-knotted rug is an investment rather than a cost. As soon as you’ve bought it, then you won’t have to consider purchasing a new carpet for many years, as hand-knotted rugs are usually handed down to children and grandchildren. A machine-made rug may be an original deal — but when it is not up to the occupation and shortly needs replacing, it’s been a false market. And needless to say, in addition to price, there’s the hassle of choosing a new carpet, recycling the worn-out one, shifting all of your furniture — again. So, when you’re looking at buying a rug, there’s more to think about than the initial outlay.

If you don’t have much to spend, but still need to invest in a quality hand-knotted rug, then you could always go for a smaller size. The bedroom is a forgiving space for this than the living room. A small rug in a massive room just does not look right; however, in the bedroom, a pair of little rugs both sides of the mattress could cost less than a single large one, and will still give a fantastic impact. Of course, you can watch out for one of our earnings, and select your ideal rug at an unbeatable price.

Let’s Summarise The Main Points.

Before you pick your new bedroom area rug, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • What size is my mattress, and do I wish to place the carpet under it or alongside it?
  • Do I want the rug to beneath the nightstands? Do I want more rug at the foot of this mattress?
  • Do I would like a contemporary or classic design?
  • What colour or colours do I really want?
  • What could potentially damage my carpet, and how do I mitigate this?
  • Do I want a carpet that will last?
  • What is my budget?

And when you have a listing of rugs that meet these criteria, ask yourself the most important question of all — which you do I really like the most? Browse our range of rugs today and select your perfect bedroom rug today.


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