How To Correctly Decorate With Runner Rugs

Runner rugs in the living room

Add Some Hallway Intrigue With Runner Rugs.

Runner rug is a phrase that’s used to explain rugs which are narrow and long. These rugs are often rectangular in style, even though you may also locate them at some other unusual shapes also.

No matter the form, the duration of a runner carpet can be several times greater than their width. Runner rugs are often set on staircases, narrow halls, bedrooms, and the entry of the house, kitchen and in the bathroom facing the sink.


First Consider The 3 Advantages Of Utilising Runner Rugs Inside Your Property

Runner rugs deliver several intriguing advantages in your property.


  1. Not only do they look nice and increase the décor of your house but they also incorporate an element of security particularly in the event that you’ve got hardwood floors or another sort of hard flooring which is more vulnerable to becoming damaged especially in high traffic locations.


  1. They make hardwood flooring more comfortable to walk and provide better grip which will help decrease the odds of anything slipping through the smooth hardwood flooring surface. Rather than a chilly hard slippery flooring, a runner carpet offers you something warm, comfy and secure beneath your feet.


  1. Due to their narrow width, these rugs are best for putting in smaller areas in which a bigger rug might not be the most appropriate. This is only one of the chief reasons why these kinds of rugs are so popular among homeowners using them as a simple method to transform a very long winter hallway, a bedroom flooring or a toilet from dull and weathered to both heat and brightly colourful.


Runner rugs for the stairsRunner rugs instantly make the area come alive and include personality and relaxation. What is more, it doesn’t involve taking the opportunity to establish anything. You merely set the rug onto the ground, and that is it.

Hallways and entryways usually tend to appear rather dull and drab. These rooms are normally smaller compared to most other rooms, and they can easily seem cluttered if you include a lot of things in the space.

Simply putting a brightly coloured runner carpet at the entryway may create a world of difference. It helps each one your guests create a stunning entrance and provides them a warm feeling.

You may opt to use casual or formal runner rugs in such areas based on the sort of ambience you’re working to create. The type of runner carpet you put in the entryway may set the mood for other common areas in your dwelling.

Employing a runner carpet in the halls will mechanically separate the personal regions of your house like the bedrooms from another area like the dining area and kitchen.

Utilising A Runner For The Bedroom

It is great to escape bed and have something warm and soft to set your toes. But if you put a regular sized carpet, a significant part of the rug will wind up concealed under the mattress. Employing a runner carpet in the bedroom is the perfect alternative. It is their narrow, long silhouette which makes carpet runners so ideal to use within this area.

Utilising Runner Rugs From The Kitchen

Runner rugs can be found in a vast assortment of sizes, and you’re certain to have the ability to get a rug to match the tiniest floor area or even the strangest shaped floor space in your kitchen. A vibrant runner might help soften the hard lines which you typically see in kitchens plus in addition; it adds colour and personality to the space.

Utilising A Runner Rug In Tiny Spaces

Most houses tend to wind up having many small, narrow spaces involving other furniture particularly from the dressing room, walk-in cupboards, pantries, and even laundry rooms.

Utilising Runner Rugs In Regions Where There Are Heavy Traffic

If you’re trying to find a rug in this area it’s a fantastic idea to select one which has darker colours as a brightly coloured rug will start to appear dirty sooner. One other significant element which you ought to remember if you’re trying to find a rug to get high traffic areas is to pick out a durable rug which will have the ability to withstand all the traffic. A handmade rug will likely continually be more lasting than a rug that’s machine made.

Utilising Runners On The Stairs

Runner rugs offer lots of fashions in addition to performance when used on staircases. Staircases are normally made from hardwood, and while those seem classy and tasteful, they may be slippery and dangerous if you’re walking around in socks or perhaps on your bare foot. A stair runner could add lots of design to the area when giving you the extra comfort and security that you search.

Among the most unique characteristics of stair climbers is the span is several times larger than the width. When you employ stair runners, it’s very important to keep in mind that the runner must be correctly fastened to the surface of the flooring so the carpet itself doesn’t slide off the staircase, posing a real threat walking up or down to them.


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