How Much Can I Expect To Pay For Rug Cleaning?

How Much Can I Expect To Pay For Rug Cleaning?

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We provide cleaning services for all of our rugs (and additionally carpets) which can be arranged in situ upon request. Currently, the only areas we provide this service for are London, Greater London and South-East/South West England. Please contact us to request an estimate. The table on this page show suggested prices as of December 2019.

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Our team of specialists are at hand to expertly repair any damage caused to your product, from the usual wear and tear to accidental rips please email us here with details and if possible images of the damaged area(s). Please quote your full name and order number so we can confirm your customer details.


What You Should Know When Hiring A Rug Cleaning Company

Rug cleaning is something that many people don’t often think about and then are saddened at the poor state their expensive rug ends up. You can, of course, clean your rugs yourself, but this may not always be a viable option. We’ve broken down the different types of professional rug cleaning services available so you can know which option to pick before you buy.

rug cleaning company

Cleaning your house and maintaining the household toxin-free should go together. After all, what use is a clean house when it poses health hazards to the men and women that reside inside it? This is the reason all professional cleaning methods used by professional cleaners are kind to both you and fabrics.

What Determines The Pricing Factors?

  • Square footage — house, apartment or office?
  • Floors, stairs or walls — the area type?
  • Cleaning process — hot water steam/deep or dry chem?
  • Stain protection — additional or not?
  • Anti-insect — do you desire to have an insecticide treatment?

1. Hot Water Extraction

When a tradesman arrives in your house, a series of steps ensure the most efficient deep wash of your textile floor coverings:

First, the rug is carefully analyzed and pretreated.

Normally, stain pretreatment incorporates regular vacuum cleaning followed by specialised solvents to some present smear. It is going to take a few moments before the piece is prepared for the subsequent deep cleaning part.

Hot water extraction rug cleaning

A high energy hot water extraction machine will get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt.

The expert gear steams a mix of hot water and rug shampoo deep involving the fibres of your carpet. At precisely the same time, a powerful suction attachment removing the moisture in the carpet (along with the non-metallic dirt ).

The result is amazing and it’s worth every penny.

In case the treated carpet hasn’t been deep cleaned in a little while, then you will be able to view how every part touched with all the nozzle brightens up.

A fantastic rinse of detergent and some other dirt left behind.

* NB: The highly effective deep suction attachment eliminates up to 95% of the moisture out of a freshly cleaned carpet. To hasten the drying period, a FREE AIR-MOVER will air-dry the room and all 5% of dampness left.

2. Dry chem cleaning

The average cost of chem dry carpet cleaning Is Dependent upon your specific situation but the process is straightforward:

The tech spreads a Unique low-moisture cleaning powder Throughout the cloth of your carpet

The dry compound solution cuts the need for water and washing.

Dry chem rug cleaning

It causes tiny particles to bind with all the accumulated dust and grime;

The powder is left to put in for a bit;

For the best results, dry cleaning requires a few minutes so the dry compound can work in.

Powerful suction takes all of the dirt off.

You receive excellent results.

The rug dry cleaning cost stands to get a great return on investment.

* NB: This method is the perfect way to refresh a delicate piece of textile floor covering however, it does not remove stubborn stains like from greasy food or colouration from carbonated drinks like wine and coffee.

3. ScotchGard™

The professional Scotchgard™ blot protection is the most effective way to protect your fabric. The thin layer blocks the interaction of fibres and the wide array of unsanitary agents and so reduces wear and tear.


  • Scotchgard™ protection Is gentle to delicate fabrics;
  • Scotchgard™ keeps carpet fibres fresh;
  • Scotchgard™ prevents soiling.

A small surcharge is a way you prolong the life of your floor coverings.

4. Anti-insect treatment

Most commercially available insecticides are spray- or granule-based and, while both will kill insects, they each have a particular area of expertise.

Anti insect treatment for rugs

Granulated insecticides. Excellent for coping with pests, such as ants and any other pests which build nests in hard-to-reach locations or actively scavenge for food. The granules are mistaken as food and are carried back in the nest, or are eaten right. The poison is usually fast-acting, so most insects die shortly after eating it.

Sprays. Best used against flying pests and biting insects, such as fleas.

This can be 100% sterile.

How Much Is Carpet And Rug Cleaning Per Room Normally?

What are the typical kinds of tasks each room and their corresponding prices you might ask? Just how much is it to steam clean a carpet? How much does carpet cleaning cost alone? These are some example costs that you can expect to cover.

Premises typeHot Water ExtractionHot Water Extraction + Stain ProtectionDry Cleaning/Delicates
Lounge / Dining room (12×12 feet)£25+ £30+£25+
Through lounge (28×12 feet)£40+£45+£50+
Hallway (10×4 feet)£10+£15+£15+
Staircase (up to 14 steps)£20+£30+£25+
Single Bedroom (12×12 feet)£20+£25+£20+
Rug (up to 3sq.m)£15+£20+£35+
Medium Rug£20+£25+£40+
Large Rug£25+£30+£55+


What Other Rug Cleaning Fees Are There?

Your house is unique which on some occasions might incur a little bit of extra labour.

Stubborn stains outside removal are a no-no. Professional rug cleaners are fantastic for a reason but a few stains are here to remain. Many clogs are hefty to clean but do go away. Regrettably, others are permanent.

Furniture relocation and re-arrangement: Carpet cleaners should not remove furniture due to unregulated risk. But if weight and difficulty are reasonable, and the tradesman can do this — Yes, the couch would be okay.

Minimum charges apply. If square footage is too little, a minimal fee applies. Professional cleaning firms in London wouldn’t reserve a job for a single rug alone. Book intelligent and clean your entire house at the same time and you receive benefits and extra discounts. Combine numerous services and pay less.

What Obstinate Stains Are Beyond Elimination?

Some stains won’t come out, like blood or water stains. Talking of stains, there are powerful products for protection against home disasters such as accidental spills and pet-related misfortunes (including nasty odours).

Water stained carpet

Is Professional Rug Cleaning Worth The Cost?

Just how much is carpet cleaning and is it worthwhile? Absolutely and without the shadow of a doubt. Any normal vacuum cleaner can accomplish only so much, but specialist warm water or dry chem cleaning is unmatched.

No matter how often you vacuum your house, great old home dust will easily find its way to the microscopic spaces between fibres of the pile (the fuzzy side of the carpet that is).

professional rug cleaning

Accumulation of dust and grime is inevitable no matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is. And when we look further into it, the unsanitary agents that are the true cause of stress here would be the sneeze-causing dust mites and bacteria.

There is also an aesthetic side to consider.

With time, all sorts of carpeting turn a small shabby and lose their appeal. However you look at it, some form of washing is needed to restore this fresh, uplifting feel that only a clean and nice-smelling carpet holds.