From: £429.00

Prized since antiquity, coveted by ancient kings, the glorious deep blues of Lapis Lazuli are conveyed to your home in this fine rug. Like the gemstone itself, its sumptuous blue tones are brightened with tawny highlights that lend movement and excitement to the colour story. Soft, textural and irresistible.

  • 114cm x 175cm (3'9" x 5'9")
  • 168cm x 226cm (5'6" x 7'5")
  • 236cm x 297cm (7'9" x 9'9")
  • 259cm x 351cm (8'6" x 11'6")
  • 297cm x 419cm (9'9" x 13'9")

Prevents movement or walking of rug and provides increased stepping comfort